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The Ways: Through the Mind

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The second of the Ways of Wudang is the way through the mind. This level of our training begins with an understanding of the energetic network of our bodies. We relate this aspect to the level of Qi and the Way of the mind takes the transformation of Qi as its model. In the Three Treasures conceptualization, the Qi field is what we attune ourselves to in order to understand not just our own physical bodies and any imbalances that we may be suffering from but we also begin to apply those relationships to our emotional and mental well-being as well. This way is our journey into these studies as we apply these principles towards understanding our analytical and emotional minds.
Tea Talks - Unfiltered
The curriculum covered in this section of the Ways of Wudang deals with cultivation of the mind ("heart-mind"). With the physical foundational skills understood and trained from the Wudang Way program, we delve into the deeper layers of training. This includes analyzing the internal landscape of Daoist practices, discussing philosophy, and understanding the full context of these cultural practices and how we can still apply them to our modern lifestyles. This next stage of the Ways of Wudang will take you farther and deeper into these practices. The experiences that you may have had in the physical training will be given new light through the resources offered.

In the following pages, you will find study material and resources that will hopefully bring clarity and inspiration to your practice. These resources are:

Tea Talks - Unfiltered - introduction to weekly discussions covering a range of topics
Weekly Podcast - archive of all of the Tea Talk podcast episodes
Discord Server - connect to our online community of practitioners and students
Book Club - links to relevant study material
Articles - read about specific aspects of training with the Ways of Wudang
More Resources - various other study materials and links


The Goal of the Way: Through the Mind

With the resources offered in this section of the Ways of Wudang, it is hoped that students will access a new level with their practice. Not only do the above pages offer explanations and answers, but they also bring questions and new perspectives. While one of the main goals is to contextualize and understand the methods of San Feng Pai, another, more subtle aspect, is to bring these ideas into our daily life. Achievements with a complete system like the Ways should not be confined to a classroom or only recognized within a group peers. These practices are meant to change the practitioner so that everything they set out to do in life can promote positive growth. Part of that is in comprehensively understanding our own practice. But a much larger part is learning how to apply these general principles to specific events and relationships. This Way reaches fruition when we internalize and embody the best that we can be.
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