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Wudang Way

Wudang Way
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Wudang Way is the home for online martial arts instruction. The program is designed to teach the martial arts practices of Wudang San Feng Lineage, both external and internal, from fundamental to advanced skills. Within this website and the links below you can find study material, lesson plans, and even sign up for private classes.

Free Public Channels

By subscribing to the Wudang Way Youtube channel, you get access and notifications to instructional training videos. These tutorials start with the basic training, terminology, and practices used within the San Feng Lineage both for external and internal practices. There are also periodic video releases for related content, form videos, and more projects that will be shared through this channel. In order to best transmit these teachings, the courses are free and well detailed in their explanation. The first series, Back to Basics, in the first steps that you will take into the system. Check in by leaving a comment or ask questions and get started now!

Stairway to Tian

As the first of the Ways of Wudang, Wudang Way is your map to the mountain summit. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or completely new to the training, this program is designed to be comprehensive and give you a strong foundation to build from or to reinforce the path you have already built. Throughout this site you will find lessons plans, explanations of the systems, and details on the different styles taught through the Ways. These first steps are crucial and with the resources offered here you can stay sure-footed and keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Private Channels

There are also private channels for Students of the Ways. By becoming a patron (through Patreon), you can gain access to even more material and classes. There is also the option of registering for private classes. While the above public options are all without cost and open to anyone who would like to train, it is from the support of patrons that I am able to continue to offer these online programs. To show my gratitude, I have created a more 'inner door' space for these patrons. This offers yet another way to connect with Wudang through the Ways and get in touch with me directly to answer any questions you may have and assist you along the way in your journey. I look forward our paths crossing, and carrying along together for a time. See you on the other side!

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