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Wudang Discord Server

Online Wudang Community

Discord is an online platform designed for communities to connect and share with each other. In our "Wudang Community" server you can get together with other practitioners of the Ways of Wudang. There are individual servers (think chat rooms but with more features) each dedicated to a discussion topic. This makes it easier to find threads and information and keeps everything organized. You are welcome to jump in the server and share your journey!
Wudang Community Discord

Join the Public Server for Free!

Discord is completely free, so click the link to sign up and join the Wudang Community server!
You will get access to not only our community discussion boards but also a direct link to Wudang. It is an easy and quick way to get in touch with instructor Jake as well as resources that are regularly posted within the group. There are even video hangouts where we can jump in and host livestreams. Check out the following list to see everything currently offered! 
Wudang Community Discord
-The Ways is the private space for Patrons (more info)
-Free Public Server
-Community Board for General Discussion
-Jump in here and introduce yourself
-Resource material for martial arts training
-Philosophy and cultural practices discussion room
-Music that moves you (Xiao, guqin, & anything that inspires
-Video release content
-Online space to meet up with members of the community
-Dedicated archives for song notation

Private Server: The Ways of Wudang

Discord also hosts a private server space for patrons to the Ways of Wudang through Patreon. This virtual space changes the role of a "Wudang Community Member" to a "Student of the Ways." Becoming a student of the ways unlocks a deeper connection to Wudang through course content, training material, archived and live classes, and more ways to get involved in the online content and material.

Just a few of the things that are there are ready for use:

-Archived Tutorial for learning TaiHe Quan

-Archived Tutorial for learning TaiJi 108

-Archived Lecture series on the Five Phase Theory

-Archived Lecture series going through the Dao De Jing

-Online Google Drive access to all organized sheet music

-Study resources and online materials

-Private server spaces to connect and answer questions

-And space to grow!
Wudang Discord
Members Only
Ways of Wudang Patreon

A Thank You to Patrons

It is directly because of patrons that I am able to continue my online work and share with you the Ways of Wudang. This project has always been the goal of mine, and it is only made possible by having an audience of like minded people who have come together to support and grow with each other. Whether you decide to become a patron or not, I do hope that you enjoy all of the content. Whether it is the online instruction and learning martial arts, the podcast series and listening to my life lessons, or the music channel and finding a way to express yourself, I am glad to be a part of your journey. I hope that the Ways are able to bring a small piece of Wudang to you wherever you may be and I wish that the teachings that have inspired me breathe new life into your practice as well. I have been lucky enough to find not just students but also find friends during my own journey. I am forever grateful to have this opportunity and it is my continued responsibility to offer the best content that I can. My sincere thanks to everyone who has supported the Ways and, therefore, has supported me and my own Way. I am humbled to voyage forth side by side with such good company!
                                                                                 See you along the Way!
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