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Tea Talks - Unfiltered

finding balance, one cup at a time...

Tea Talks - Unfiltered
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Tea Talks - Unfiltered is the channel where we delve into the deeper aspects of the practices offered through the Ways of Wudang. There are more study resources, forums, and even a weekly podcast conversation that I host. These are all meant to not only answer questions and clarify the teachings but also to inspire more introspection of ourselves and observation of how we exist within our environment. A practice cannot be complete without talking about the space in between training. Tea Talks are a way for discussion that trains our mind along with our body.

Free Public Channels

Tea Talks - Unfiltered, along with the information through this section of the site, are all completely free to access. You can subscribe to the weekly Tea Talks through Youtube or in audio format wherever you get your podcasts. A large part of the practices of the Ways of Wudang has to do with understanding them within the proper context. So join me for a cup of tea as I dive into these subjects. We will cover a range of topics from my own journey to Wudang to the subtle details of training martial arts and learning Daoist cultural practices.

A Mountain of Information

The Ways of Wudang Website has been designed to offer as much information as possible. It is hoped that this will become a resource for practitioners of martial arts and students of the Ways. There are explanations on styles, lesson structures, a book club, articles, community boards, and more spread around this site. Feel free to browse and get acquainted with the full system. It is hoped that this site can offer clarity and bring light to these practices. Each page has been created to build a bridge from Wudang to you, wherever you may be. As is stated within the Dao De Jing, "Without leaving the home, know the world." With a slight adjustment, we can bring Wudang right to your home through the Ways.

Private Channels

There are also private channels for Students of the Ways. By becoming a patron (through Patreon), you gain access to even more material and classes. There is also the option of registering for private classes. While the above public options are all without cost and open to anyone who would like to learn, it is from the support of patrons that I am able to continue to offer these online programs. To show my gratitude, I have created a more 'inner door' space for these patrons. This offers yet another way to connect with Wudang through the Ways and get in touch with me directly to answer any questions you may have and assist you along the way in your journey. I look forward our paths crossing, and carrying along together for a time. See you on the other side!
Tea Time

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