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Get Involved With the Ways

There are many ways to get involved and experience the Ways of Wudang. There are free programs online that are available to you to learn from both on this website and on various other streaming services as well as options to sign up for private classes. You can become a patron and get access to more instructional content. You can also subscribe to each channel to get notified for new regular content. Follow the links below to get started!

Free Online Content

Subscribe to the Wudang Way Youtube Channel to get access to martials arts tutorials. The tutorial series begins with an introduction to the basic training system taught within San Feng Lineage and builds into more complicated practices. If you are interested in beginning your own journey into Wudang wushu, support the channel and get started now!
Wudang Way
Head over to the Tea Talk - Unfiltered Youtube channel or subscribe through your favorite podcast provider to join in the conversation centered around all things Wudang. Weekly episodes covering a range of topics like living in China, Daoist philosophy, martial arts concepts, and other mysteries of the universe. 
Tea Talks - Unfiltered
At Wu Dao Music, you can watch tutorial videos on the Chinese bamboo flute (the xiao) and access resources to continue your own self-study and practice. Everything from how to hold your flute and read notation to playing full songs is provided for free!
Wu Dao Music
You can also navigate throughout this website to access resources, study material, and more! Each Way is laid out to be readily available whether you are just getting started with the martial arts system, doing your own Xiao practice, or just catching up with new material releases.

Patronage and Private Classes

There are also a few parts of the Ways of Wudang that are only available to patrons and students of the Ways. This can be a part of a group, through Patreon, where you get access to an archive of course material as well as ongoing live training sessions and content. Or it can be as an individual and you can register for one-on-one classes and build your own curriculum. Below you can find information on both.

The Ways of Wudang on Patreon

Becoming a patron to the Ways of Wudang is the best way that you can support the creation of all of the free content offered through the above channels as well as get access to more courses, live sessions, and Wudang-based content. There are different tiers available and each one comes with different access.
Ways of Wudang Patreon

Talk the Talk

$1 per month

Walk the Walk

$5 per month

Play the Way

$25 per month

Wudang Warrior

$100 per month

Private Online Classes

The final way that you can get involved with the Ways of Wudang is by directly registering for private classes. I will work with you to design a curriculum that fits your experience, interests, and goals. Whether that is a focus on external or internal practices, form review, xiao instruction, or even just a private Q & A session. You also receive one free class per month by becoming a patron at the "Wudang Warrior" tier through Patreon.

For any inquiries or registration for private classes, click here.
For more information on private classes, click here.

Make sure to browse this website for more information and resources.

Subscribe to the links above to get notifications on new releases.

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