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Wu Dao Music
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Wu Dao Music is the one-stop channel for everything you need to know to get started with learning the Chinese bamboo flute, the Xiao. There is step-by-step instruction both in written format throughout the different pages on this site as well as a video format tutorial series available for free on Youtube. You can access an introducion to the xiao, learn basic training, read jian pu, get sheet music, and follow along with video instruction, all through the links here and below. Wu Dao Music is a journey through sound that helps to create a complete practice.

Free Public Channels

By subscribing to the Wudao Music Youtube channel, you get access and notifications to instructional training videos currently for the Xiao. This channel is my own personal journey learning this instrument. I am no where near a professional musician, but it is a huge passion for me and I know how difficult it can be to begin a new instrument. Especially one that is virtually impossible to find much information on the internet about. Wu Dao is my wandering journey as I discover more about Chinese music. I invite you to join me along the way and follow instructional content, practice drills, and regular video updates so that nothing is holding you back from entering this realm of practice. Subscribe and get started!

Sounds of the Mountain

Throughout the Ways of Wudang, and specifically in the "Spirit|Music" section, you will find many resources that will help you along your musical journey. The Xiao is a very special instrument and it is my hope that the Ways can help to spread it to a wider audience of listeners and musicians. I know how difficult it can be to begin self-learning a new instrument, not to mention an instrument with almost no English resources available to study. It is my hope that Wu Dao can be the path that welcomes new xiao enthusiasts to the fold with study material, sheet music, and a community of open information. While the other Ways of Wudang bring the body and the mind of the mountain to your practice, the music brings its heart. Get your flute, take some notes, and get practicing! 

Private Channels

There are also private channels for Students of the Ways. By becoming a patron (through Patreon), you can gain access to even more material and classes. There is also the option of registering for private classes. While the above options are all without cost and open to anyone who would like to practice, it is from the support of patrons that I am able to continue to offer these online programs. To show my gratitude, I have created a more 'inner door' space for these patrons. This offers yet another way to connect with Wudang through the Ways and get in touch with me directly to answer any questions you may have and assist you along the way in your journey. I look forward our paths crossing, and carrying along together for a time. See you on the other side!

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