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Introduction to the Dong Xiao


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Learn how to play the Chinese vertical bamboo flute, the dongxiao (洞箫). "Introduction to the Dongxiao" is everything that you need to know to get started playing the xiao. Follow the step-by-step guidance of each section as the lessons progress from making the first sounds on the xiao to being able to play entire traditional musical pieces.

The goal of this text is to be an English resource for anyone wanting to learn this unique instrument. The author went through exhaustive research and translation in order to put together a comprehensive guide that not only teaches the basics and lists a few simple songs, but also goes deep into the musical aesthetic of the dongxiao. Each piece is fully notated with and includes an instructive commentary that adds context, structure, and advice where necessary.

The learning resources included in this book are:
-The History and Structure of the Dongxiao
-Illustrated Instruction and Commentary
-How to Read and Write Jianpu (numbered notation)
-108 Fully Notated Songs (95 beginner to advanced songs, 13 traditional pieces)
-Fundamental to Advanced Techniques
-Fingering Charts for Standard Tuning and other Variations
-More Resources for Continued Learning Online

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This has been a project of mine for some time now and I am really excited to share it with you! The text is not only a collection of notation. It is a walkthrough from beginner to advanced techniques, a commentary on Chinese musical traditions, and a deep dive into the aesthetic of the dongxiao.

I have spent countless hours collecting, researching, and translating to design a complete study guide for the dongxiao. My hope is that this text will be a resource for anyone wanting to learn about this instrument. When I started my journey and began studying the xiao, it was near impossible to find any English resources. With the "Introduction to the Dong Xiao" you will find everything collected in one place and with enough detail to inform and improve your practice from any level. 

In addition to the text, I am producing video lessons for each song. The first 15 lessons are available for free on the Wudao Music Channel (here). There are recordings of each song so that you can listen and practice along as well!

To unlock the complete series of lessons, support the Ways of Wudang on Patreon. Lessons will be released regularly and are available for review at anytime. Private lessons are also available.

With all of these resources, I hope that the xiao reaches a wider audience and we can bring more music into the world! Welcome to the Ways of Wudang!

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