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Online Classes

You can join online classes one of two ways: by joining the Ways of Wudang on Patreon to get access to live online classes, lectures, and archived material or by registering for private classes directly. 

Joining Patreon to Access Learning Resources

The public side of the Wudang Community Discord is open to all patrons and subscribers. See more information by clicking here. The first and second tiers available through Patreon, allow you to show your support to the channels while signing you up for a newsletter to get you connected and notified for new content.The third and fourth tiers (Play the Way and Wudang Warrior, respectively), get you signed up for the private Discord server.

In the private Ways of Wudang Discord server, you will get access to:

►Archived Tutorial for learning TaiHe Quan


►Archived Tutorial for learning TaiJi 108


►Archived Lecture series on the Five Phase Theory


►Archived Lecture series going through the Dao De Jing


►Online Google Drive access to all organized sheet music for one click download


►Study resources and online materials


►Private server spaces to connect and answer questions


►More content coming out regularly

Joining tiers 3 and 4 also gets you started for private classes. With both tiers you get a discount on the private class rate but by becoming a Wudang Warrior (tier 4 patron) you will get one free class per month plus all of the other perks that come with patronage. Once you sign up you will get an email with all of the information to get started.
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Register for Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to dive deeper in the Ways of Wudang. Classes are based on each individual and their experience level, interests, goals, and any training restrictions or limitations are all taken into consideration. Before beginning sessions, there will be a meeting to discuss and get to know each other so that we can design the best curriculum for you. Sessions can be built around any of the Ways of Wudang, martial arts, qigong, taichi, music, or even a mix of each. Each session usually lasts around 1 hour on a regular schedule set up in advance. For cancellations or changes, please notify at least 24 hours before class begins. Classes can be postponed and credit is saved.

Private Lessons

60 USD/session

Zoom, Skype,

Wushu, Taichi,
Xiao, or a mix

Wudang Time
Slots Available

15% Off for Tier 3-4 patrons

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