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Xiao Sheet Music

Welcome to the Ways of Wudang Xiao Jian Pu (numbered notation) directory!
Below you can find links to separate categories of musical notation: 
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels
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Introductory level songs.
Notation to get started learning basic rhythm, simple progressions, and fundamental skills.


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Intermediate level tracks.
Notation with more complicated rhythm, ornaments, and faster tempos.


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High difficulty. Complex progressions, key changes, high registers, and full length songs.


By Artist

zhang wei liang
Zhang Wei Liang - 张维良 (Zhāng Wéi Liáng)

Zhang Wei Liang is famous for playing the dizi, xiao, and the xun as well as being a composer and professor of the arts. His accolades as a musician are many and he even composed music for the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony.

If you are looking for a classical musician for the dongxiao, Zhang Wei Liang is the model that many students strive to emulate. His playing has become the standard for many classical pieces. 
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